Several islands with contrasting scenery

Finnhamn is made up of a group of several large and small islands. Idholmen is dominated by three high areas interspersed with pastoral areas. Idholmen farm is also located here, a working farm with animals and vegetable plots. Stora Jolpan, the main island, has large areas covered with deciduous trees, mostly oak. The soil in the low-lying terrain, which has been cultivated over a period of many years, is full of nutrients and rich in calcium.


Kålgårdsön is uninhabited and the island has always been used as outfields by the farmers on Ingmarsö. The only remaining barn is located at the far end of Bockviken and is used by Trälhavets Boat Club. The former plantations are in various stages of regrowth. The Archipelago Foundation has held the meadows open since 2008 through extensive clearing and allowing cattle to graze.


Söder-Långholm is made up almost entirely of flat rock land, with the highest point being just over 20 metres above sea level. The central parts of Särsö consist to a certain extent of pastoral areas around Ladviken. There is a hill with a viewpoint, Utsiktsberget, which is just over 20 metres high and located right in the middle of the island’s flat rock land. Finally, Fjärdholm is a forested island.

Eagle owls, orchids and oak trees

These barren islands are excellent hunting ground for the eagle owl. The soil in the lower areas is rich in calcium. Around the edges of the more open areas, there are leafy groves with hazel and plants such as laserwort, spring pea and coralroot bittercress. The grove flora in the richer environments also contains some rare species. The sword-leaved helleborine orchid, for example, grows here.

On the edges of some of the islands there is a relatively large number of oak trees. These have come to a large extent from old forest meadows.


In addition to regulations and prohibitions laid down by legislation and various ordinances, it is forbidden to carry out the following in nature reserves:

  • Destroy or damage any non-moveable natural object or surface formation by drilling, chopping, causing an explosion, scratching, painting, or similar actions.
  • Break off branches, fell trees or in any other way damage living or dead trees or bushes, or to otherwise damage vegetation by digging up plants such as brushwood, herbs, mosses and lichens, or to pick mushrooms growing on wood.
  • Disturb the animal life (by, for example, climbing trees, capturing or killing mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians).
  • Take a dog not on a leash into the reserve.
  • Make fires (other than at designated locations).
  • Put up notice boards, signs or posters, or make inscriptions.
  • Drive a motor vehicle on land along any other way than designated paths.
  • Camp at an unauthorised location on Idholmen, Stora Jolpan or Lilla Jolpan. It is forbidden in other areas to camp for more than two days.
  • Anchor a boat at a beach for more than two days.
  • Land with an airborne vehicle at any other location than those designated.
  • Play music from sound equipment or a musical instrument in a way that disturbs others, for example, by playing loudly.