Finnhamn and Kålgårdsön

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Finnhamn, with its youth hostel, restaurant, campsites, farm and beaches, lies on the border of the outer archipelago and is one of Stockholm’s most popular holiday destinations.

Finnhamn is actually a group of large and small islands; the name comes from the time when Finnish boats called here on their way to and from Stockholm.

Ranger’s tips, Finnhamn

An island perfect for long walks. You can really go for a ramble here. Finnhamn is particularly beautiful in the early summer, when the rich variety of species is at its best. The dominant species of tree on Finnhamn is oak, which makes the island rather special in the archipelago, since it is otherwise extremely unusual to find oak out here. The fact that Finnhamn also has a celebrated restaurant, a youth hostel and a small farm makes the whole experience complete!

Ranger’s tips, Särsö

Särsö really illustrates the archipelago’s cultural landscape at its best!
Arable islets and old walls frame the appearance of the landscape, and it really feels like you’re going back in time when you come here. There is also an old watchtower, which now functions as an observation tower with wonderful old hand-drawn maps describing the view.

Ranger’s tips, Kålgårdsön

Kålgårdsön is in places an impenetrable island, but there is a nice walk along the island-hopping trail, passing a lake. It is possible to get to Finnhamn by the island-hopping rowboats.