Step ashore, and discover Fejan. Here you will find guest harbor, hostel and not least an exciting story. Fejan has an exciting recent history. When a cholera epidemic swept across Europe at the end of the 19th century, the Swedish authorities tried to stop the disease before it entered the country. An east-coast quarantine station was hastily built on Fejan.

Ranger’s tips

Fejan has a guest harbour, a hostel and some wonderful countryside with pastures and open views along the walking paths.

The feeling of being out in the open sea really enhances your experience out here. You will see ferry and boat traffic from the Furusund shipping route out towards the open sea when you wander along the shore out onto the docks. Fejan is, after all, practically on the outermost edge of the archipelago, yet still protected.

It’s easy to spend just a day here, or stay overnight at the youth hostel. You can get here in just a couple of hours from Strömkajen or by taking the ferryboat from Rävsnäs, and it’s possible to return home the same day.

Read about Fejan’s history under “Culture and history”– it really is exciting!