Facilities for people with disabilities

Two toilets suitable for use by people with disabilities are located at the car park just inside the boundary of the reserve, from where a path takes you down to the Torpesand beach. Several paths lead off from the path to the beach, and give access to large sandy beaches and the cliff bathing site at the eastern part of Torpesand. A snorkelling trail, changing hut and jetty suitable for use by those with disabilities have been set up here.

Snorkelling trail

A snorkelling trail for people with disabilities is located at Torpesand.

Waste and toilet

Skärgårdsmajor for people with disabilities are located at Torpesand, Torpeinnefjärden and at the car park.


The walking trails at Torpesand and Torpeinnefjärden are suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


Handicap parking is located at the reserve entrance.