Nature reserve symbol

Biskopsö is located in the outer archipelago, with a view from its cliffs over an open horizon. Biskopsö is known for its beautiful deciduous trees and fallow deer.

Ranger’s tips

There’s some fantastic countryside here. So far out in the archipelago, and yet still with a thick covering of deciduous trees! Kastön next to Biskopsö, on the other hand, is a completely different experience. Here you almost feel like you’ve been transported to the north of Sweden, with its marshes and bogs, and you can sometimes find cloudberries growing.

Biskopsö and the islands around here are a boating paradise, with excellent natural harbours. Sometimes, in fact, we are a little surprised that people don’t remain out here, even if the weather isn’t that favourable. Kocksviken provides good shelter from all winds except the northeast wind, and in Byttan you’ll find shelter from almost all winds.