Nature reserve symbol

The Archipelago Foundation owns parts of Arholma, a legendary island with proud seafaring traditions. The Foundation contributes by keeping the landscape open with agriculture based on grazing sheep and cattle. Idö located south of Arholma is also part of the nature reserve.

Arholma offers a taste of history. Take a stroll along the old village street, which is lined with buildings that in some cases date back to the 17th century. Bull-August farm is a definite favourite, as is the beacon, where works of art are put on display in the summer. The old church, with its own special history, is also well worth a visit.

Arholma is a relatively big island with a beautiful cultural landscape and well preserved farms and houses.

Ranger’s tips

There is plenty of room for visitors in the two guest harbours, which can take over 50 boats in total, but I prefer to stay on dry land and take a walk in the forest when I have a moment to spare. There is a wonderful peacefulness there, and in the autumn you’ll find plenty of mushrooms!