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Ålö, with its beautiful sandy beaches, is connected to Utö by a small bridge. Rånö offers cottages, swimming and camping, and can be reached by boat from Nynäshamn.

Ranger’s tips

Ålö has some lovely forest to walk in, but it can be a little difficult to penetrate since the terrain is rocky, with ledges and crevices. It is, however, ideal for those who are after a more challenging walk. The horseshoe-shaped sandy beach at Storsand is Ålö’s main attraction, but there are several small bays that are also good for swimming along the whole of the eastern side, facing Källviken.

Rånö has a wonderful bathing area at Hästholmsviken, with rocks and a very shallow, sandy bottom. There is also an excellent circular 7.5 km trail on Rånö, which makes a great trip. Both islands have plenty of wildlife, so it’s possible to see elk, roe deer, deer, or perhaps white-tailed eagles during your visit.