Young Voices (ended)

Young Voices is the way in which the Archipelago Foundation allows children and young people to make themselves heard. The project creates commitment, influence, and a living archipelago.

The aim of the project is to improve life for children and young people in the archipelago. The project is intended to preserve a living archipelago with place for everyone, young and old.

  • What is OK? What needs to be improved?

We want to use this project to find out what improvements children and young people want to see where they live. We want also to create a knowledge base in which the young people can participate and influence development where they live.

  • How can I change something for the better?

Young Voices is a 2-year Interreg project in collaboration with SKUNK, an interest organisation for young people in the archipelago based on Åland.

Seventy-five percent of the funding is from the EU’s Central Baltic programme.

Other funding is from:
Österåker municipality, Stockholm County Council and the Archipelago Foundation.
The Swedish Outdoor Association provides leaders for the project, in order to develop its activities for young people.

Invitation to a conference about the archipelagos development

Young voices invites you to a conference regarding the archipelagos development.The youths of the archipelago will share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions about how the Stockholm and Åland archipelago can be developed, amongst other things. The projectreport on how we can retain a vibrant archipelago in the future will be presented.


Application deadline is October 4. Send your application to projectmanager Sandra Löfgren,

The conference, including lunch, is free of charge. Young voices will pay for the travelexpenses for participants from Åland.

Invitation (in swedish)
Agenda (in swedish)
Newsletter (in swedish)