Snorkelling trail at Björnö (ended)

A snorkelling trail was laid from Nåttarö a few years ago, and the Foundation has been given the opportunity to develop a snorkelling trail suitable for people with disabilities at Björnö. The trail is suitable for people with physical disabilities and for those with reduced vision.

A snorkelling trail was laid at Björnö, at Torpesand, in June 2012. The trail is 200 metres long and has a maximum depth of 3 metres, with 15 signs along the bottom describing the various species found in the water. Each sign is also available in tactile text and Braille attached to a buoy, and the bridge has been designed such that people who use wheelchairs can use it. The Archipelago Foundation wants it to be possible for everyone to experience the archipelago, and we are working intensively with accessibility.

This project is financed by WWF, and the bridge suitable for use by those who use wheelchairs has been sponsored by Humana.

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