The Barnacle project

The Barnacle project

Barnacles are beautiful and fascinating crustaceans. Boat owners, however, do not want barnacles growing on the hull, since they create friction against the water and thus increase fuel consumption. Hull paints are an effective protection against barnacles, but cause great harm to the environment.

We want to reduce the use of toxic hull paint through the Barnacle project. Attachment plates (plastic sheets in A5 format) suspended from jetties allow us to determine when the barnacles attach.

Rangers and voluntary observers from the Archipelago Foundation have observed the timing of attachment for 10 years, and have thus been able to inform boat owners by SMS that it is time to clean the boats. The project is now fully financed from the marine environment grant, and we have 140 attachment plates from Umeå to Trelleborg.

Grönt Båtliv (Green Boating)

The Archipelago Foundation has held seminars during 2012 and 2013 concerning “Grönt Båtliv”. The lectures have covered such topics as toxic substances in hull paints and how one of the Stockholm boating clubs is dealing with the environment. The presentations can be found below.

Presentations from lecturers

Havstulpanprojektet Västkusten (University of Gothenburg)
Riktlinjer för båtbottentvättning av fritidsbåtar (The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management)
Riskbedömning av båtbottenfärger på Öst- och Västkusten (The Chemicals Inspectorate)
Gifter i havsmiljön (Stockholm University)
Miljöarbetet på HBK (Heleneborg Boating Club)
Påverkar båtlivet Nackas kustvatten? (Nacka municipality)