About the Foundation

The Archipelago Foundation owns and manages 40 nature reserves from Örskär in the north to Landsort in the south. The Foundation works with conservation and care of our cultural heritage in these reserves.

The Foundation manages these 12,000 hectares, or approximately 12% of the area of the Stockholm archipelago, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for recreation and rewarding experiences in the archipelago. The areas can be held open for all in this way.

Preserve and develop

The Archipelago Foundation is to preserve the natural beauty and unique character of the archipelago, which may involve preserving the cultivated landscape of an area through grazing and arable farming. Development in the tourism and leisure industries is achieved through a system of leasing the buildings to archipelago companies as tenants. These companies operate hostels, tourist cabins, inns, maritime pubs, guest harbours, etc. This creates employment in the archipelago, while ensuring that visitors enjoy a high level of service. We care of the natural environment through combined toilet and waste facilities, composting facilities, and recycling facilities.

Our activities

  • Work to support an open agricultural landscape and preserve the land using grazing animals and arable farming.
  • Manage forests and land using small-scale methods that are sensitive to the natural environment.
  • Work with fauna conservation and monitor protected areas for animals (such as boosting the populations of the white-tailed eagle and seal)
  • Carefully preserve our collection of cultural and historical buildings.
  • Manage waste and provide toilet and waste collection facilities at approximately 190 locations, benefiting both recreational life and the environment.
  • Supervise over 40 areas with the help of rangers, who can often lend a helping hand to visitors.
  • Ensure that there are facilities such as fresh water, rest houses and (in some locations) saunas at the most popular natural harbours.
  • Own a number of archipelago hostels and other tourist centres, which are run by archipelago companies.
  • Supported by around 21,000 Friends of the Foundation comprising individuals, organisations and companies.