Building management

Building management constitutes a very large part of the work of the Archipelago Foundation. The properties of the Foundation comprise all of the 40 preserves and the buildings in them.

This amounts to 12,000 hectares, or 12% of the land in the Stockholm archipelago, with its associated 1,000 buildings and a further 2,000 constructions (including huts, pumping houses, etc.). The operation, conservation and maintenance of both land and buildings are included in the property management carried out by the Foundation.

The Archipelago Foundation was divided into three regions (north, central and south) for organisational purposes in 2011. Each region has a manager who is responsible for leading the work, and both rangers and archipelago companies report to the manager. The manager and field personnel receive technical support from the Foundation’s Environment and Technology Department, which aids with questions related to, for example, building conservation, agriculture and hunting. Much of the property management has had to be adapted for the special conditions of the Foundation, with its nature reserves and a large number of buildings of cultural historical value.

The Archipelago Foundation does not carry out any commercial activities in it’s properties. Instead, the hostels, inns, tourist cabins, shops and guest harbours have been leased to archipelago companies who rent the buildings from the Archipelago Foundation and conduct operations in them.