The Archipelago Foundation has buildings from three centuries on its land. The oldest of these can be dated to the 18th century. The buildings include grand villas from wealthy merchants to lighthouses, and together they comprise a major part of our cultural heritage.

The Archipelago Foundation owns and manages more than a thousand buildings in the Stockholm archipelago. Everything from a listed 18th century house to famous inns on, for example, Fejan, Lidö, Finnhamn, Grinda and Utö.

The building collection also includes some ten archipelago hostels, and shops, lighthouses, mills, sewage treatment plants, lookout towers, tourist cabins, combined toilet and waste facilities, and many agricultural buildings. The buildings reflect three centuries of archipelago life: the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

The buildings in the nature reserves of the Archipelago Foundation are a major part of the cultural landscape, and a significant part of our cultural heritage. Care for these buildings, therefore, has become one of the main tasks of the Foundation, in addition to its work caring for the landscape.