Rangers & conservation officers

Our rangers and conservation officers are charged with monitoring and caring for Foundation land, and surveillance of the nature reserves and protected areas for animals. It is generally accepted that the presence of the field personnel provides year-round security for both residents and visitors to the archipelago.


The rangers are always prepared to give advice and a helping hand to visitors in the Foundation reserves. The combination of a lifetime of experience in the archipelago with profound knowledge about nature, conservation, hunting and fishing legislation, etc. provides a professional group with invaluable skills for the Foundation. In addition to normal ranger activities, they manage the combined toilet and waste facilities, and work with conservation and building maintenance.

Several of our rangers are trained conservation wardens. They have the authority to order persons, both those on foot and those in motorised vehicles, to leave reserves where their presence is illegal. They also have the authority to impound hunting and fishing gear, means of propulsion or similar that may be significant in the investigation of crime, if the warden comes on a person in the act of breaking prohibitions or regulations.

Conservation officers

Several of the Foundation tenant farmers work part-time as conservation officers. They keep the landscape open with the aid of their grazing animals, and they work also with clearance and the conservation-sensitive forestry that the Foundation carries out.

Operational engineers

Three operational engineers work at Utö, responsible for the technical facilities of the Foundation, such as water-management equipment, waste-treatment plants, piping, pumping stations, etc. The operational engineers also operate the desalting plant (northern Europe’s largest) that provides freshwater for Utö.