Lighting fires

A complete ban against lighting fires is in force throughout the year in most nature reserves in the archipelago. It is, however, permitted to use a portable barbecue that you bring with you, as long as there is no danger of starting a fire.

Designated sites for barbecues may not be used when a prohibition against lighting fires is in force.

The designated barbecue areas that the Foundation provides in some nature reserves may be used provided that there is NO ban on lighting fires in the municipality. You can take it for granted that a ban on lighting fires is in place when the weather is dry in the spring and summer.

Designated barbecue areas in the nature reserves are available on Utö, Gålö, Ålö, Rånö, Nåttarö, Björnö, Finnhamn, Lidö, Rögrund and Grinda.

Forbidden to place disposable barbecues in the waste

It is totally forbidden to place disposable barbecues in the waste, since it is in many cases difficult to see whether the charcoal is fully extinguished, and this has led to many of the waste collection units burning down. Many of the combined toilet and waste facilities have special round metal containers labelled “För engångsgrillar”, into which disposable barbecues are to be placed.