Visitor Information

We hope that you will have many fine experiences of the natural world when visiting our nature reserves. They offer unique experiences, relaxation and recreation. Ramble along our trails and nature paths, visit an archipelago farm, paddle a canoe or enjoy a great meal at one of the inns. The nature reserves of the Archipelago Foundation inspire both children and adults to many activities.

Many of the nature reserves provide the opportunity to stay overnight for one or two nights. Anchor your own boat in a natural harbours, or stay at a hostel, hotel, or in your tent. Remember, however, that camping is permitted only in designated locations, since there are other landowners in the archipelago. At some places in the archipelago we have put up what are known as “open huts”. These are small huts where you can spend the night free of charge, for a maximum of two nights. These can be found at Björnö, Myggskären and Svenska Högarna, among other places.

Travel out into the archipelago by the Waxholmsbolaget boats, which daily lay to at the jetties on many of the Foundation’s islands. It is also possible to reach several of our nature reserves on the mainland by car or bus. Travelling in the outer archipelago, however, requires your own boat, or a taxi boat.


  • Keep your speed low.
  • Avoid causing wave surges in your boat for moored boats or for swimmers.
  • Do not use an outboard motor or similar on a dinghy unnecessarily.
  • Avoid using water scooters, water skis, and other noisy water-based toys.
  • Do not release sewage.
  • Freshwater is scarce in the archipelago – don’t waste it!